How to go to New Map Juno (Castle in the Sky) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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In Episode 4.0 of Ragnarok M Eternal Love, a new map called Juno “Castle in the Sky” has been release for this update. Starting today April 24, players can now enter to this new map.

The new map will not be initially available on Kafra Teleport service, you need to unlock it in order to teleport to this map from Kafra. Talk to Musig Genie NPC to unlock the area by activating the “Teleport Activation”.

How to Go to Juno Map

In order to go to Juno, just head to Al De Baran and go to the North side. At the upper center corner, you should see a teleport warp. Enter to the warp in order to enter to the Juno.

This portal will lead you to the new map “Border Checkpoint”. On this map, there will a lot of new monster that you didn’t encounter before – it will be best if you walk around and explore the area before going to the next portal. Don’t forget to talk to Music Genie to activate Teleport from Kafra.

Still on the Upper center, there will be a warp portal that will lead you to Einbroch Field.

In Einbroch Field, go to the warp portal in the upper center to finally head to Juno map. Don’t forget to talk to Stefanie Music Genie to activate the teleport.

That’s it guys!

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