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Once you completed the Event 1 for the King’s Poring Adventure event in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile), you’ll be earning a Poring Celebration Medal. This precious medal will allow you to purchase an exclusive item from the shop, one of the interesting items you can buy from here are Gold Medal where you can use for Aesir Monument.

Here are the list of items you can buy in Poring Celebration Medal.

Peachy Poring Card501
Gold Medal410
Valkyrie’s Gift410
Poring Growth Panacea55
Oracle Dust 312
Oracle Crystal512
Mora Coin312

How to Earn Poring Celebration Medal

There are lots of ways on earning Poring Celebration Medal, one of that is by completing the daily event of Poring Kingdom Celebration, this is a 15 day event and you could earn up to 75 Poring Celebration Medal by completing the whole 15.

Next is by killing any Dark Element monster and Undead Element monsters, killing these monster will give you a chance to drop the Poring Celebration Medal. This event will start from March 11 to 18, 2019. You can get up to an unlimited amount of Poring Celebration Medal. Check this guide for what specific monsters.

The last one is from Mission Board, where you need to complete the 10 mission board daily and you’ll receive 5 x Poring Celebration Medal. However, this event will start from March 17 to 25, 2019. You can get up to 45 Poring Celebration Medal.

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