Top 3 Addicting Games in Facebook Gameroom

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Long gone are the days when people used to play video games or even the time when if you had to play a game online, you went to these websites which were particularly designed for gaming purposes, it is all about social gaming now. Facebook have made it easier for people to play games alongside their work as you don’t have to sit and play it continuously for long hours until you get the virtual reward. Additionally, playing with your friends through a social network which is deeply embedded in our lives is something anyone and everyone enjoy.

Facebook Gameroom allow the player to play in their own capacity, you play a game through your account which helps Facebook in identifying exactly what kind of game and of what level would be best for you, it might take some time, but artificial intelligence mostly ends up predicting the best for you.

This obsession with gaming has been there for quite a while now and so it is important to have a look at the most addictive Facebook games and why exactly do they have an addictive nature:

On the top of the list is this amazing game called which is not just a game. Many people regard it as a stress reliever and in rare cases; it also helps in coping up with depression in certain situations. The reason behind it is the setting of the game; the player is basically a normal sized hole which moves around and eats anything and everything.

The things one can eat depends on the size of the hole, so you first eat small things in order to increase your size and then once you are big enough, you may eat whole buildings or other holes (Other players) as well. The amount of power that a person possesses in this game is one of the major reasons as to why people enjoy it to an extent that they can’t get over it.

Big House

The name itself suggests as to why this would be regarded as the second best game on Facebook Gameroom. In real life, we all have our own fantasies and luxuries that we want to fulfill in this life, some our attainable while some might take a good amount of time before getting accomplished.

The idea of getting some of those things like property or a big house in virtual reality itself is satisfying enough for people to get engaged in this game, where you earn property in seconds, now who can stop playing that?

Dragon Wars

Fiction has always been a part of our lives; whether it is through harry potter or fairytales. We know that it is not true but we still love watching and hearing these stories again and again. The same is the case with this fantastic game called dragon war.

You are fully aware that it is not even close to reality but that is exactly the point, isn’t it? As idiotic as it may sound to a limited amount of people, once they start playing this game, they will surely get addicted of unlocking and earning different dragons on different levels as we do!

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