How to Feed Coco, Guild in Laplace M (Tales of Wind)

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Do you know Coco? He is just one of the important bird in the guild that needs to constantly feed to reward your guild with rare and gold items. The catch is, finding the food for Coco is not easy that takes a lot of time.

As stated from his description, The guild always takes Coco along on its crusaders. Every once in a while, Coco produces many rare items useful for the guild.

How to Find Foods for Coco

There are ways to find food for Coco. One of that is by Catching a Fish in which you farm up to 4 to 10 foods per day.

The next is by from the Great Raccoon who randomly appears in your Farm and circling around the area. When you confront this Raccoon, he will asked you to buy something from your farm and in exchange, he will reward you with the foods.

You can also buy foods for Coco at the Trade Market. Under the Farm tab, fishes are available for 3,780 Shells to 21,000 shells. Under the Others tab, you can buy here Insect Egg for 6,257 Shells each.

How to Feed Coco

Once you have the required food either Fishes, or Insects. Go to your Guild, by pressing the Guild icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Then go to Event, then click the Go button under Feed Coco.

It then teleport you to the Guild map and will locate Coco.

Press the Feed button and select the food that you’d like to feed Coco.

Here are example of the food that Coco would like to eat.


  1. Coco Joy Points – Donate resources to your kingdom in order to increase Coco’s joy points. Once the joy points are full, Coco will produce a piece of treasure. The guild master can claim the treasure and start the celebration event.
  2. Feeding Contribution – Feed Coco to increase your feeding contribution points. The higher your feeding contribution points, the more rewards you’ll get during the celebration event.
  3. Number of Coco – If Coco’s joy points reach full quickly enough, more Coco will be drawn to your guild. The joy point limit increases as the number of Coco increases. As a result, you’ll get more rewards during the celebration event. If it takes too long to increase joy points to full, Coco will leave.
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