How to Go Fishing in Laplace M (Tales of Wind)

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Laplace M is not just about fighting monsters and competing to other players, the game is also engaged in some mini-game called Fishing, where players can catch a fish to make food, submit farm orders, and feed.

These mini-games are pretty common to some open-world games, and it is a good thing Laplace M added that to the game. Although the mini-game is pretty boring as you’ll only seeing a loading bar while catching a fish.

To catch a Fish, you need an Old Rod to do that. It can be bought from the Market, each Old Rod cost around 5 crowns. However, the old rod’s durability is up 10 only; that means it can only be used up to 10 times. The success rate is also good at 40% to 50%.

Fishing is only available in the Farm where you can do daily chores. You can teleport to Farm by clicking the Kingdom button on the upper right corner of the screen and click FARM.

Everyday, there is only limited “School of Rare Fish” available in the Farm and can only be use once a day.

Note, the Fishing Rod found on the Equipment Shop is different. We are still figuring it out how that item works.

How to Catch a Fish

Purchase an Old Rod from the Market.

Open your bag and select the Old Rod. Then click Fish button.

It will automatically locate the School of Rare Fish location (if available). Once reach the location, there will be a pop-up window. Click the Use button to start fishing.

You can do fishing up to 10 times depending on the durability of your Fishing Rod.

Now that you know how to go fishing in Laplace M, go and try it yourself.

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