List of All Locker Codes & Safe Combinations (Police Station, Sewer) in Resident Evil 2 Remake

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In Resident Evil 2 Remake, there are lots of puzzles that you’re required to do in order to get an item or clue for the next mission. The game is pretty new and there are few guides yet on how to get all of these combinations.

So to help you with the code, we list every locker code and safety box combination you can find in the Raccoon Police Station.

Waiting Room (2nd Floor – Main Hall)

In one of the rooms in the 2nd floor of Main Hall, you can find a waiting room. There is a safety box in the table, here is the code 6 – Left, 2 – Right, Left 11.

You’ll get a different item if you played Claire. In our case, we get Muzzle Brake where you can add it as custom parts for your Matilda Handgun. The effect will surpresses muzzle rise and increase accuracy.

West Office (Front Room)

In front of the door entrance of the West Office, there is a room that has Safety Box inside. The code for the Safety box is 9 – Right, 15 – Left, 7 – Right.

You can find the clue in the Stars Office Memo. You’ll get a High Pouch where it will add a two slot to your stash.

West Office (Desk 2 Locks)

Inside the West Office, at the desk table on the center. There is a table that is locked with 2 padlock. The combination code for the Left Lock is NED and for the right lock is MRG.

You’ll get a High Capacity Mag where you can add it as custom parts to your Matilda Handgun. It’s effect will extends clip capacity to 24 rounds.

The clue is the initial name of Leon’s office mate, you can find there name on the table. Left corner are Neil Carlsen, Elliot Edward, David Ford and on the right corner are Marvin Branagh, Rita Philips and George Scott (Drop on Floor).

Men’s Locker Room (2nd Floor)

Inside the Men’s Locker Room in the 2nd floor of the right corner of Main Hall, there is a pad lock in one of the locker room. The code for that lock is CAP.

The clue for this lock can be found in the Operations Side room.

Hall Locker Room (3rd Floor)

Just in the hall in the third floor, you can find a Locker room outside of a broken wall in the barrage. The code for the lock is DCM.

The clue can be found on the Film Roll.

Sewers Control Room (Upper, Sewers)

Inside the Sewer Control Room, in the right corner of the room – there is a locker with a Dial Lock. The code to this lock is SZF.

The clue is the name of the Jazz Festival Flyer. Inside the locker, you’ll get a 6 x MAG Ammo.

Sewers Treatment Pool Safe (Middle, Sewers)

In Treatment Pool Room, on the other right side of the elevator steel bridge – there is a safety box that you need to unlock with a code. The combination is 2 – Left, 12 – Right, and 8 – Left.

The reward for Leon is a Shotgun Stock (W-870), it makes easier to shoot rapidly.

Greenhouse Control Room (Laboratory, East Area)

In Greenhouse Control Room, there is a control panel that requires a code to unlock the two doors in the greenhouse. The code in Number Keypad Pattern is 3,1,2,3 and 2,0,6,7. You may also refer your answer below, in the screenshot.

Unlocking this code will unlock the 2 doors in Greenhouse.

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