Ghostring Card Sold for 318,000 PHP in Auction House, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Auction House is finally opened in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Players can place a specific list of cards in Auction for bidders. When the auction starts, the player who gets the highest bids after the auction time runs out wins the item. Bidders can only bid with BCC (An in-game currency) which can only be bought with real money, the current price of 1 BCC is 10 PHP. While Player who sold their item in auction receives Zenies, conversion is 1BCC = 10,000 Zeny.

During the first day of Auction House in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, one of the auctioned item Ghostring Card was sold for 35,875 BCC or 318,000 PHP (64 x Big Cat Coin XL) by a player from Thailand, named MambaaElChap of TH41 (Thailand Channel 41). The player who placed the item in the Auction is Ekuh who also receives an estimated sum of 358,750,000 Zeny (Game Tax not included).

Other item was also sold in the Auction House, one if it was a Jakk Card which was sold for 30,856 BCC or 275,000 PHP (55 x Big Cat Coin XL). The guy who won the item is a Filipino, named TheBigBossDR.

The whole day of auction sold several card items, here are the list:

  • Smokie Card sold for 3,633 BCC to FernandoZ (EN5)
  • Eclipse Card sold for 1,429 BCC to ☆Rnova☆ (ID4)
  • Bloody Knight Card sold for 20,803 BCC to 洛雨 (PH6)
  • Jakk Card sold for 30,856 BCC to TheBigBossDR (ID15)
  • Owl Duke Card sold for 3,109 BCC to Mosst (TH42)
  • Atroce Card sold for 15,433 BCC to hunter-x (EN2)
  • Alice Card sold for 19,780 BCC to ninjaJack (TH33)
  • Wood Goblin Card sold for 8,771 BCC to No.2Meat (CN2)
  • Strouf Card sold for 19,017 BCC to •Thanatos• (TH59)
  • Ghostring Card sold for 35,875 BCC to MambaaElChap (TH41)

A total sum of 158,706 BCC or 1,406,927 PHP during the very first day of auction in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. The computation use to convert BCC to PHP is based from the best-discounted price listed at (PHP 5,000 = 564 BCC).

Why Players choose to buy in Auction than in Exchange?

The main reason why these players choose to buy cards in the auction rather than Exchange was due to low chances of snapping an item in Exchange. The availability of these rare cards in Exchange is very low while the number of buyers is very high. Players who wanted to purchase the cards will get a slim chance of snapping the item after the snapping period. Sometimes, these cards are sold out and not available on Exchange.

In the example below, Eclipse Card is sold for 4,397,067 Zeny with only 2 items available in Exchange while the prospect buyers are at 162. When the snapping period ends, only 2 of the 162 buyers will able to buy the item.

While in Auction, your only competition is your pocket and other rick kid bidders, as long as you have enormous amount of money (Real money) you’ll have no problem winning the item in the Auction.

Is spending huge sums for a virtual item worth it? What is your opinion? Let us know in the comment section!

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