Dev Banned Cheaters, But for only 3 to 15 Days, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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The devs finally acknowledge the existence of exploits on Ragnarok M Eternal Love using a third party program (a**ons tools). This is after several complaints in the Facebook community that alleged players are using the tool to auto hunt the MVP boss, making legit players harder to hunt, and other features of the tool like auto-quest completion, NPC changer and zero cooldown on fly wings. Just recently, there was also an incident that alleged players were able to purchase an unreleased item in the game using the same tools.

However, the ban seems very soft as they only punish the cheaters for only 3 to 15 days and most of these cheaters are already taking advantage of the game since day one. Many players are dissatisfied about the soft suspension, one of the players commented their concern in the post, “The reason they are exploiting cheats is because you guys are letting them. Drop that ban hammer fast and hard. Smh”, Juan Morales Valdez said.

Official Announcement

Here are the official announcement regarding the 3rd party program ban.

“Notice: 3rd-party Program Ban

Recently we have found out there are some players abusing 3rd-party program to gain advantages from an illegal method.

Such as: Teleporting from wherever on the map, MVP tracking and locking, Opening up certain shops that are not in the game.

For those players whom we have detected using 3rd-party programs, we will suspend their account for 3 to 15 days as punishment. For some abuser that cause a serious issue, we will ban their account permanently.

If you are currently using any 3rd-party program, please delete it and reinstall the client from the official source (Google play store, iOS app store, Official Website), to protect your account safety.

Let’s work together to keep the game in a healthy environment and guard the Eternal Love of ROM.

ROM Team”

Although it was stated in the announcement that abuser will get permanent banned, most of the comments are demanding the devs to make harder punishment to these cheaters; either permanently banned the players or at least give them longer suspension to slow down their progress in the game.

Meanwhile, a popular ragna-player streamer was permanently banned from the game after was caught using the tools during his live stream. It was quickly reported to the FB group and one of the moderators commented on the post saying “You will never see this character stream any more”.

Are these soft suspension more than enough to get a healthy environment in the game? Let us know in the comment section!

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