Cheat Tools, Let you buy Unreleased Item in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Earlier this day, players are curious about why other players already have the upcoming Archangel costume in the game Ragnarok M Eternal Love where in fact the event is not yet started. The FB group community has been flooded with post related to the issue and posting screenshots of the players who was wearing the upcoming event item, and comments are referring to a cheat tool behind this hack, they’re demanding to ban those players who get the item early.

A few hours later, the event for the Archangel has been started and it puts a lot of questions to the community whether they’re going to take actions with those players.

Just In (Updates)

the FB page has acknowledged the issue and finally make an official announcement to their page.

“Dear adventurers, 

To provide a healthier game environment and an equally fair platform, we have fixed the issue of some players using an illegal method to use Gachapon Feast before it came out.

The details are as follow:

1. Upon checking on their accounts, these players were using 3rd-party-program to get access of Gachapon Feast before it released to the public.

2. We are now fixing all of the 3rd-party-program issues.

3. As for now, all of the players who are abusing 3rd-party-program have been suspended for 3 days as the warning. If they use any 3rd-party-program ever again, they will be banned forever without the right to appeal. The suspend list is as follow.

4. We do not endorse any sort of 3rd-party software usage on our game. All the players who getting advantages from illegal 3rd-party softwares will be punished. Please help us to protect our Ragnarok M platform.

5. If you ever find out any players who are abusing illegal 3rd-party programs in-game, please contact our GM to report. We will try our best to provide a healthier game environment and an equally fair platform and please help us to protect it.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding.”

The Cheat Tools (a**ons Tools)

This tool has been around since the Ragnarok Mobile (China) and lots of players have been using this already because of its features like unlocking the 60fps, zooming out of the map, disabling fogs, extended chat and more.

But other players discover some exploits in the tool and able to type console commands straight to the game. Allowing them to convert any NPC to their desired NPC, like what happened to the Archangel incident. Players converted any NPC to a Fantasy Feast Generator and able them to use and roll the unreleased content. The tools also allow them to execute a commands like completing the quest instantly, hunting MVPs, zero cool down to Flying, and some weird stuff like holding hand with any NPC in the game.

Just a few weeks ago, a Thai Youtuber was banned from the game after demonstrating the tool live on Youtube to show proof on his demo to show proof that the hack really exists. In the demo, he opened a shop that doesn’t yet release in the game and shows other exploits. He then, challenge the game admins to take actions with the tools and banned players who were using it.

The tool is also suspected as the tool used in the Arena MVP/Mini exploits where players freely hunt bosses in the arena server. This is by converting the NPC in arena in to a Kafra NPC.

Tool has been Reported

This tool has been reported already by the mods of the FB group. We also advise players not to try this tool as it may ban your account.

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