Where to Get Snowman for Crafting Christmas Song Blueprint in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile)

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If you’re planning to craft the Christmas Song Blueprint, this is one of the very rare crafting materials that you require to obtain in order for you to craft the blueprint. Unfortunately, this crafting material is not available in the Exchange. It’s only available on drops on some Star monster in Toy Factory 1F, handy shops like the Adventure Meatball shop and the infamous Greedy Shops in Gingerbready City, Toy Factory 1F.

From Monsters

You can loot these materials from the following Star Monsters.

Teddy Bear ★ Snowman
66 Zeny
Toy Factory 1F
Cruiser ★ Christmas Socks
66 Zeny
Toy Factory 1F

From Adventure Meatballs

Last option is from Adventure Meatballs, just open your bag and click the Adventure Meatball to open the shop.

The cost of each Snowman is 8 Adventure Meatballs and only has 10 stocks per day.

From Greedy Shop

This is also available randomly in Greedy Shop, probably appear when you’re unlucky and have no expensive rare item listed in the shops.

The cost of each Snowman is 10 Edelweiss and 3,000 Zeny.

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