What is Christmas Song Headwear in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile)

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Christmas Song headwear is one of the latest headwear that was released during the 2018 Christmas Event from the Rudolph Mysterious Box. The current price of this headwear in Exchange is 3,378,172 Zeny and the blueprint cost around 553,338 Zeny.

This headwear has beneficial attributes for Agi/Crit build character. The following are the attributes for the Christmas Song Headwear.

  • Movement Speed +2%
  • Atk +30
  • Auto attack has 30% chance to trigger Christmas Song: Atk +3%, ASPD +3%, for 10 seconds.

With the 30% chance of triggering Christmas Song, most of the Agi/Crit build can make this special ability passive. What we mean is your Agi/Crit character will always trigger this effect, similar to a passive skills.

We tried it to our Agi/Crit Lord Knights and the additional buffs is pretty good, it adds 3% on Attack and ASPD with a passive like effect. The only disadvantage is there is no Card slot that you can inlay card on this headwear.

Before and After Christmas Song

When engaging to the enemies, the Christmas Song immediately trigger the Christmas Song skill and only stops when the enemy is defeated. Note, other buffs is not included in the 3% ATK and ASPD.

How to Craft Christmas Song Headwear

To craft this blueprint, you need the following items. Obtain from and Location is in order.

Craft MaterialsObtain FromLocation
Box WrapperSack Teddy (Lv.144)
Cruiser (Lv.111)
Toy Factory 2F
Toy Factory 1F
SnowmanCruiser Star
Teddy Bear Star
Toy Factory 1F
Memory GemClock Star
Bathory Star
Clock Tower 2F
Clock Tower 1F
ZirconRotar Zairo
Rotar Zairo
Goblin Leader
The Ruins of Valhalla Guild
Goblin Forest
The Ruins of Valhalla Guild
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    Which is better? This one or uncarded cat ear beret?


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