How to Catch Mandragora Seed in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Unlike other pet that they usually spawn visibly in the map, the Mandragora Seed is different, you need to summon it in order to appear using an special potion called Sixth Sense Potion and it can only found in the found inside the Labyrinth Forest.

The advantage of using Mandragora Seed as a pet is it will give your character a +10 Crit when it reaches lv. 10. Good for Agi/Crit build characters.

Before anything else, you need to read our separate post on how to get a perfect catch for pet and some tips to avoid hitting the pet while hunting and adding the pet material in the item slot.


You need at least 5 x Nutrition Potion to perfectly catch a pet. If you feel lucky you may bring less than the requirement.

How to Summon Mandragora Seed

To summon Mandragora seed, you need to go first to Labyrinth Forest.

From here, use the Sixth Sense Potion to reveal the location of all Mandragora Seed in the map.

All of the location of Mandragora Seed is now in the map. You need to go to any one of those area to get the Mandragora seed.

Talk to the Mandragora Seed and click Collect seeds.

This will summon a bunch of Mandragora Guard. You need to defeat them all in order to pick up the seed.

Once all of the Mandragora Guard are defeated. You are now safe to Pick up the seed to summon it.

From here, click Mandragora Seed and use the Nutrition Potion.

After doing that, you need to click the Present 4 times until the hearts turns into all gold.

After that, it is now safe to Catch the pet.

Name your pet, hatch it or Put in Bag for later use.

That’s it! Hope this simple guide helps you hunt the Mandragora Seed.

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