How to Catch a Pet (100% Rate) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Having a pet in Ragnarok M Eternal Love has a lots of benefit in the game, it can be use to assist you in combat, send them to labor for getting rare items, or have them to pet adventure to get experience and rare item drop. If you haven’t have a pet yet, you probably didn’t unlock the quest for this ability. The NPC for this quest is in the South Gate Prontera, his name is Magnus President of Pet Association, talk to him to get the quest for pet.

In catching a pet, you need a Pet Material for catching them. Each of these Pet Material can only be use to its corresponding monster. Catching a pet doesn’t guarantee a 100% rate, because of percent chances. This is where Taming comes in. To tame, you need to bring at least 3 to 7 times Pet Material to tame the monsters, depending on their catch percentage.

Below are the list of pet material that you can use for the corresponding monster, including the quantity needed with the estimate total cost from Exchange. (Price last updated 11/28/2018)

MonstersNeeded Pet Materials for 100% CatchLocation

 Green Apple (3 pcs)

Total Cost: 22,038 Zeny
Prontera South Gate / Prontera North / Labyrinth Forest

 Rainbow Carrot (3 pcs)

Total Cost: 39,360 Zeny
Prontera South Gate / Labyrinth Forest

 Tropical Banana (4 pcs)

Total Cost: 116,368 Zeny
Prontera West Gate / Labyrinth Forest

Desert Wolf Baby
 Well-Dried Bone (4 pcs)

Total Cost: 128,160 Zeny

Savage Babe
 Sweet Milk (3 pcs)

Total Cost: 83,802 Zeny

Mandragora Seed
 Nutrition Potion (5 pcs)

Total Cost: 604,210 Zeny
Labyrinth Forest

Green Petite
 Shining Stone (6 pcs)

Total Cost: 1,345,404 Zeny
Glast Heim Outskirt / Glast Heim Outskirts

Armlet of Obedience (6 pcs)

Total Cost: 1,173,042 Zeny
Pyramid 1F

 Contract in Shadow (6 pcs)

Total Cost: 2,564,442 Zeny
Geffen Dungeon / Underground Geffen 2F / Glash Heim Chivalry

Baphomet Jr.
 Book of the Devil (7 pcs)

Total Cost: 1,795,969 Zeny
Glast Heim Hall / Glast Heim Wing

 Silver Knife of Chastity (7 pcs)

Total Cost: 3,987,151 Zeny
Payon Cave 2F / Payon Cave 3F

You can also buy this Pet Material using Colorful Shell. You may also purchase this on Exchange using Zeny, price is posted above.

Before anything else, you need to uncheck the Select a target to auto-attack from your Auto Attack, Adventure Skills. This will avoid your character from hitting the monster.

If all set, follow our guides below.

How to Catch a Pet at 100% Rate

(For newbies or new to pet catching, you have a higher chance of catching a pet successfully by just using a single pet material, especially to monster like Lunatic and Poring, You may skip the taming guides and proceed to Catch immediately!)

To catch the pet with 100% rate, you need to bring the required numbers of Pet Material for the monster. (See chart above) Let’s say we want to catch lunatic, we need to bring 3 x Rainbow Carrot. We need 3 x Rainbow Carrot for Lunatic because we’re going to use the other 2 x Pet Material for taming the monster, we want the red hearts bubble coming from the monster to turn into pure Gold hearts.

For convenience, you need to put the Rainbow Carrots in the item bar slot (The one on the bottom right corner item slot).

Now, look for the Lunatic monster. Since we already un-check the Select a target to auto-attack, you’re now safe to click the monster without hitting it.

Once the monster is highlighted. You can now use the Rainbow Carrot from the item slot. 

For Taming, press the Present button to tame the monster. We want the bubble Red hearts to turn into 100% gold heart.

(For newbies, you can try your luck and just press the Catch button – most newbies has higher catching rate.)

The heart are still in Red, we need to Press again the Present button to tame the monster again and turn that red bubble heart to Gold.  

Finally! The hearts are all gold. This means, your catching rate is now 100% and you’re safe to catch it.

Since the heart is now gold, The RNG roll will be always 100% and you’ll no longer wasting a lot of Pet Materials just to catch one.

That’s it! Hope this article helps you catch a pet and have one!

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