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The Dumber Laser Gun toy or Fooling Laser Gun toy is use to make other players or monsters become giants or dwarfs randomly. It is also needed to complete a certain quest in Geffen Area. This item is available in Amazing Toys, but usually locked and require you to finish the Minstrel Reyen’s Quest and you also need a Disguising Scroll to proceed on this quest.

The location for the NPC on this quest is inside the Geffen, his name is William Hasat Minstrel

How to Unlock Fooling Laser Gun

First, talk to William Hasat Minstrel he is near the bottom right corner of the map. 

Select the Reyen’s Quest to start the mission.

Now, you need to buy a Disguising Scroll from Fred Minstrel Toy Merchant just beside William, the scroll is cost around 2,000 zeny. If the Disguising Scroll are still locked in the Amazing Toys, follow this link for the guide.

Go back to William to give the scroll. The next objective is defeating 300 Goblin Archers. Follow the map guide for the location of this monster in Goblin Forest.

Once done, go back to William to report. The last objective is getting 30 Memento, you can get this from Pirate Skeleton drop in Sunken Ship. Go to Izlude island and teleport from Karoo Captain to get to the Sunken Ship. The map guide should guide you to the destination.

Kill Pirate Skeleton until you get the 30 Memento’s.

After you completed the 30 Memento’s, go back to Williams and you should unlock the Fooling Laser Gun.

That’s it! Fooling Laser Gun is now available in any Amazing Toys shop.

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