Minstrel Gunther’s Quest for Disguising Scroll – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Having a Disguising Scroll in Ragnarok M Eternal Love is one of the important requirement to complete a certain quest in the game. It is also require you to unlock this item so that the other preceding item in Amazing Toys will become available for questing. When you tried to buy the scroll from Minstrel, Amazing Toys and get the message saying Finish: Minstrel – Gunther’s Quest (Lv.25), it means the item is locked and you need to quest.

This quest is quite tricky as the NPC for this quest is not in the Prontera but instead inside the Izlude island, the name of the NPC that holding this quest is Cosmo Reo Minstrel.

How to Unlock Disguising Scroll

First, you need to go to Izlude Island (Right corner portal of Novice starting point in Prontera South Gate). You can find Cosmo Reo Minstrel at the center of the island near the oval, right corner of it.

Talk to the NPC and select Gunther

The first mission for Gunther is to Defeat 300 Skeleton(s) inside Ghost Ship. Just follow the guide in the map to get to the location. 

Once done, you need to report back to Cosmo Reo Minstrel to get your next object. The next objective is to get 30 Memento’s in Sunken Ship. You need to kill Pirate Skeleton to get this drop. The location guide for these monster should be in map as well.

After collecting the 30 Memento’s go back to Cosmo Reo and you should unlock the Toy Factory: Disguising Scroll

That’s it! You can now buy this Disguising Scroll from any Amazing Toy’s shop.

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