Minstrel Eremes Quest (Ga Ga Ga!) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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The 6th toy in Amazing Toys shop requires you to finish the Minstrel Eremes Quest, the recommended level to get this quest is level 50, there are also other certain activity that requires Eremes quest like for the Adventure Book achievements “Rocker? No, Violin!“, so if you have hard-time looking for this NPC, this will probably solve your problem.

You can initiate this quest by going to the Morroc, and by talking to Sibley Gail Minstrel, you can find this guy on the upper corner of t he map in Morroc. He just besides the Amazing Toys shop.

Once you talk to Sibley Gail, you can now activate the quest Ermes.

The first objective you’ll be assigned is to get an Immortal Heart, you can get this from a drop of Magnolia monster, farm until you got one. You can find Magnolia just south of Morroc.

Your next objective is to defeat 300 of Lv. 55 Mummy, you can find their lair in the Pyramid 1F, just west portal of Morroc. Lot’s of players farming here, just go with them so you can easily get 300 kills.

Once done, you need to go back to Sibley Gail to report. And proceed to the next objective.

Then he needed 3 pieces of Dumber Laser Gun. Just buy one from the Amazing Toys, just besides him. If the gun is locked from the store, check this link for the guide.

Report back and give the gun the Sibley. You should now be rewarded and unlocked the Ga Ga Ga

Ga Ga Ga! can be used to summon two Rocker band, which will play a song for a couple of minutes. Good for tricking other players or guild members.

That’s it! If you have other question, please leave a comment down below!

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    Desert Twilight still locked after this quest, help please.


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