How to Get Santa Hat, Gingerbread City in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Do you know, there is a Christmas City in Ragnarok M Eternal Love? The name of this city in this game is called Gingerbread, this is one of the hidden major city in the game and you can only get here by talking to a Santa Clause inside Al De Baran.

Table of Contents

  1. How to go to Gingerbread City
  2. How to get Santa Hat Blueprint
  3. How to craft Santa Hat

The Santa Hat Blueprint is also available in this city, you can craft this headwear using a simple materials. You can also use this as a costume in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

How to go to Gingerbread City

To go to Gingerbread City, talk to any Kafra Staff , the Stash/Save/Transport shop and teleport to the Al De Baran.

Once you arrived in the Al De Baran, go to the most top left corner of the map and look for a Santa Claus, talk to Santa and he will offer you to visit to Gingerbread City. Take the offer and you’ll be automatically teleported.

If it’s your first time, you’ll get additional rewards for visiting this City.

How to get Santa Hat Blueprints

Now, talk to Smile Assistance, Eden Team Receptionist, the Craft Headwear shop, she is just at the center of the map, near the Christmas Tree, besides Snowman and Santa Claus. 

Select Buy Blueprints.

Then you can now buy Santa Hat Blueprint for only 176 Eden Coin.

How to craft Santa Hat

The requirement materials for crafting Santa Hat are the following:

  • 1 x Santa Hat Blueprint 
  • 334 x Feather
  • 334 x Jellopy
  • 267 x Sticky Mucus
  • 10 x Scarlet Dyestuffs
  • 10,000 Zeny

Once you have all of those materials, you can now craft the headgear to the shop or from your abilities straight crafting it from your bag. Select the Santa Hat Blueprint and press Craft.

Confirm the crafting and press the Craft to proceed.

That’s it! You got your near head gear for your character.

You may also watch our walk through video guide for reference.

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