How to Wear Costume, together with Equipment in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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If you recently got your first costume item or a good looking equipment in Ragnarok M Eternal Love and has no idea how to properly utilize it, were here to help you! Did you know that you can still wear your primary equipment together with the costume outfit or an good looking equipment? Yep! Meaning you can still utilize the stat points of your primary equipment and use the costume for show off. You can also use this to hide the real weapon you’re using and cover it with a good looking weapon like the Saints Equipment or some newbie weapons. However, the stat bonus of item in costume tab will not add any stat bonus to your character.

When you open your bag, you probably notice the yellow button icon on the left corner of the equipment slot, that yellow button is where you’ll be putting your costume set or equipment.

You can wear up to 8 different costume for your character; clothes, head wear, face cover, swords, bags, peco-peco and tail.

How to Wear Costume Outfit

Open Bag from the top corner of your screen.

Press the Yellow button (Costume Tab) on the left corner.

Now, select the costume set or equipment that you want to wear. 

Press Equip to continue. The costume will automatically equip on the costume slot without removing the primary equipment. 

Now, do the same to the other costume or equipment you have. Like weapons, head wear bags, and tails.

If you notice, your primary equipment are still equipped. The weapon, clothes, face mask, hat and the bag.

In our example, when using the Summer Cap (Green) and the Summer Style Green Clothes, the swords, and face mask. We got no additional stat bonus for wearing it on the costume tab.

That’s it! Hope this clarify how to use the 2nd tab in your equipment slot. Here, you can watch the walk through video.

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  • Eriz Meriado Dela Cruz January 4, 2019 5:38 pm

    Hi does the effects/skills still active if you put it in the costume tab?


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