How to Reset Stats and Job Skill Points in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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There are lots of reason why players want to reset their stats attributes and skill job points, either it’s the wrong build for their next job or simple a change of mind, or want to try and explore other builds. Whatever the reason, resetting stats and skills in Ragnarok M Eternal Love is possible by using the Skill Reset Rod and Eternal Rock.

  • Skill Reset Rod is used to Reset the Skills.
  • Eternal Rock is used to Reset the Stats/Attributes.

When you’re in Novice and reaches the 1st job change, there is a free reset for both stats and attributes for everyone.

You’ll also get a free Reset Stat and Skill from Growth Pack and Quest. Here are the list. 

Quest / ItemLocationRewards
Lv. 30 Growth PackOfficial Event NPC, PronteraEternal Rock
Lv. 40 Growth PackOfficial Event NPC, PronteraSkill Reset Rock
Abnormality on 2F Quest (Lv.55)Pyramid 1FEternal Rock
Skill Reset Rock
Apprentice Quest (Lv.56)PayonEternal Rock
Planes Traveler Quest (Lv.76)Glast Heim OutskirtSkill Reset Rod

For guides on getting this Free Reset Skill and Reset Stat from quest. You can check our guide on this link.

Skill Reset Rod (Reset Skill)

For resetting your character’s skills, there are fours ways to obtain the Skill Reset Rod in the game, first is from the Level 40 Growth Pack, Pyramid Quest in Morroc, GH Outskirts Dragon Plateau Quest or buying it from Event NPC Shop in Prontera.

The Level 40 Growth Pack will automatically obtain upon reaching level 40. Unpacking the bag will give you 1 x Skill Reset Rod.

Eternal Rock (Reset Stat / Attributes)

For resetting the character’s stats/attributes, you can obtain Eternal Rock from the Level 30 Growth Pack, at the Level 55 quest and level 57 quest and from the Event NPC Shop in Prontera.

The Eternal Rock can be used by visiting Raynojose at the Prontera Adventures League HQ.

How to Buy Skill Reset Rod and Eternal Rock

You can buy both of the Skill Reset Rod and Eternal Rock for 500,000 zeny each at the Event Shop in Prontera. The merchant is located at the lower center of the map, the name of the merchant is Hokkala Kim Event Merchant.

Click the Event Item to show the list of available item for sale.

Browse down the list and find for the Skill Reset Rod and Eternal Rod. Click on it and click the Buy button to purchase one.

That’s it! Hope this helps you figure out how to reset your Stats and Skills in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

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