How to Get Skill Reset Rod and Eternal Rock from Quest

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You can get a Free Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod from doing quest in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. However, the three quest can be unlock when you reach certain level.

  • Abnormality on 2F (Eternal Rock & Skill Reset Rod) – Requires Level 55 (Pyramid 1F)
  • Apprentice Quest (Eternal Rock) – Requires Level 56 (Payon)
  • Planes Traveler (Skill Reset Rod) – Requires Level 76 (Glast Heim Outskirt)

You can check our step-by-step guide below on how to proceed with the quest.

Abnormality on 2F Quest (Rewards: Eternal Rock & Skill Reset Rod)

When reaching Level 55, you may now activate this quest in the Pyramid 1F, talk to Ayrui, Prontera Garrison General.

Select the quest Abnormality on 2F. This quest will reward you the Eternal Rock and Skill Reset Rod.

In the middle of this quest, you will task to kill 50 Archers Skeletons. You’ll also need to get 150 of Immortal Heart to continue. You can loot this immortal heart from Magnolia (Lv. 51) at Morroc, Desert or from Munak (Lv. 63) at Payon Cave 1F. You may also purchase this on Exchange for 1,135 Zeny each.

Once you finish the quest, you will be rewarded with 1 x Eternal Rock and 1 x Skill Reset Rod.

For walk-through guide, check the video below.

Apprentice Quest – Payon (Rewards: Eternal Rock)

When you reach Level 56, find and Talk to Gadar at Payon, just south left outside of the castle. 

This will activate the Apprentice Quest, in the succeeding quest you’ll be going back and forth from Payon, Prontera, Morroc, Izlude, and Underwater Temple. It is a long story, so just continue until you complete the whole quest.

You’ll also be needing a 30 x Devil Horns when you reach the quest Stubborn Student. You can get Devil Horns from Eggrya (Lv. 61) at Payon Cave 1F or from Marduk (Lv. 68) at Pyramid 3F,  Pyramid 2F.

In the end of the quest, you’ll be getting the Eternal Rock from the Adventurer’s HQ after talking to Kebak.

You may watch our walk-through guide below.

Planes Traveler (Rewards: Skill Reset Rod)

This quest will unlock when you reach level 76. This is so far the easiest quest that you can finish. You need to go to Glast Heim Outskirt and talk to a guy lying down named Shylyen Planes Traveler. This will unlock the quest and you’ll be talking to the lady infront Vener Spacetime Mage.

On the following quest, you need to get 30 x Hand of God from Ferus. 

Once you’re done, you can go back to Vener and hand over the Hand of God. Completing the quest will give you 1 x Skill Reset Rod.

That’s it! Hope this simple guides helps you get a Free Skill Reset Rod and Eternal Rock!

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