Leaked Fortnite Skins Outfit Let you Become a Durrr Burger

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There are brand new cosmetics coming to the Fortnite, this is after a leaked spread in the Internet. The leaked also includes new emotes and gliders.

Here are all of the new Fornite Skins Outfit coming to Fornite.

Sushi Chef

A skins that looks like a Japanese Chef, a clean color white and mix with a blue and black.

Futuristic Street Racer 

This skin comes with a Street racer helmet with an all white and black accent color.

Disco Man

A funky and classic outfit for Fortnite, a light green and chill new skins for your Fornite character.

Female Futuristic Street

An all white version of the Street Racer Skins, super cool skins that likes a modern assassins.

DURRR Burger Skins

With its name printed on his pant,s this is one of the coolest skins, a Burger like and the funniest new skins to Fortnite.

Panda Skins

One of the cutest skins, a panda skins which everyone will probably love.

Female Disco Man

Here is the female version of the Disco man.

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