Marcus Graffiti Symbol Location Guide in Detroit Become Human

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if you’ve been stuck on the mission of Marcus in Detroit Become Human when you are task to get a clue from a graffiti to find Jericho. This is after Marcus been shot by the Detroit Police because he allegedly the cause of the death of Carl after they have a fight with Leo.

Marcus has been thrown in the dump site where he fix himself with the parts of fellow destroyed androids. One of the destroyed android grab and told him about a place where android can be free, Marcus had to find a guy named Jericho. This was the starting point of the finding Graffiti Spot mission.

You need to hold R2 button in order to find and locate the Graffiti on its location, then pressing the Triangle button will analyze the symbol and when you completed all graffiti’s it will decipher the next location.

Train Station Arrival Area (1 Graffiti Symbol)

When Marcus arrive in the Train Station, the Graffiti symbol is just on the left corner wall.

Train Station Ground Floor (2 Graffiti Symbol)

Head down to the ground floor and just near the Android Temporary Parking, there’s a wall painting of a boxer and a Lion. The Graffiti Symbol should be there.

Fronting Bar & Grill House (2 Graffiti Symbol)

After you get a clue from the Lion painting, cross to Branco Bar and head to the Left, you should reach Bar & Grill house – front of that is the building where the next Graffiti is located.

Yellow Park Here Signage (3 Graffiti Symbol)

At the previous Graffiti, just move forward and on your left there should be a signage “Park Here” which is colored yellow. The graffiti is inside the Parking Lot.

Parking Inc. Compound (3 Graffiti Symbol)

Inside the Parking Lot, get the blue bin to reach the roof. The painting is just in the wall. The other graffiti symbol here is tricky as you cannot easily spot it. It is a non-black colored.

Sparkle City Painted Billboard Building (3 Graffiti Symbol)

To reach the next location, there should be a tutorial for a preview route stunt. Just complete it until you reach a compound where you can see a painted billboard of Sparkle City.

Inside the Sparkle City Building (1 Graffiti Symbol)

The last graffiti should be inside the building, the last one trick to get the graffiti is you have to move backward until the interior column and the wall painting matches your view.


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