Far Cry 5 All Fishing Rod Location Guide

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After all actions in Far Cry 5, there are other activities that you can play in the game and one of that is Fishing, which is very satisfying and addicting. This is the first time that Far Cry series included a fishing activity. Catching a fish in Far Cry 5 is not easy specially catching a hard type of fish that requires you to equip a stronger fishing rod.

There are only 4 types of Fishing Rod that you can get in the game. One of it can easily find in Fishing Camp site for free and the second one is on the weapon shop. The remaining two fishing rod can be claimed by getting it from a side mission and the other one is beating the regional record.

All Fishing Rod in Far Cry 5

Below are the list of location where you can get all Fishing Rod in Far Cry 5.

  • Basic Rod – You can find this rod in Fishing Spot or Camp.
  • Natural Rod – You can purchase this rod in Shop, this is much stronger that the basic rod.
  • WonderBoy Rod – You can unlock this Rod in side mission, Talk to Skylar at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop and complete the Tools of the Trade, Gone Fishin’s and The Admiral Side mission.
  • Old Betsy Rod – This is the most difficult, you have to catch all difficult fish in the Hard Fishing Spot and beat every Regional Record.

For the Old Betsy Rod that requires you to catch all difficult fish and beating the Regional Record. These are all of the hard fishing spot that you can find in these region. You have to catch these kind of fish several times and get the weightiest fish to beat the Regional Record.

Holland Valley Region

  • Paddlefish Sturgeon (at least 50 lbs) – Near South of the Seed Ranch Cult Outpost
  • Pallid Sturgeon (at least 112 lbs) – At Rye & Son’s Aviation, find a river near the area and head to the east. The Fishing spot is just near the area.

Whitetail Mountain Region

  • Chinook Salmon (at least 25 lbs) – At the North West of FANG Center.
  • Kokanee Salom (at least 6 lbs) – At the South West of Cedar Lake.
  • Arctic Graying Salmon (at least 3 lbs) – South West of Jacob’s Region, find a Pond in the map and you’ll find a Fishing spot in this area.

Henbane River Region

  • Smallmouth Bass (at least 6 lbs) – At the Eastern edge of Henbane River Region between the two gun shop.
  • Largemouth Bass (at least 8 lbs) – Just north of Smallmouth Bass Spot, near the gun shop.
  • Rock Bass (at least 3 lbs) – Go to the center of Rock Bass Lake.

We’ll add a visual map guide for the fishing spot location so that you’ll have no problem locating them.

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