How to Get the Wonderboy Fishing Rod in Far Cry 5

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Using a better fishing rod in Far Cry 5 for catching a fish is very helpful especially if you’re dealing with some heavy fish in hard mode. In the game, there are many ways to get a Fishing Rod, you may get it for free in fishing camp site or purchasing it on weapon shop. But there is a certain three connected side mission that will give you Fishing Rod when you complete it. It is the Tools of the Trade, Gone Fishin’ and The Admiral Side Mission which you can activate and located in Jacob’s Region, Whitetail Mountain, Widow’s Creek at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop.

To initiate the side mission, go to Dylan’s Master Bait Shop and you’ll find a lady named Skylar Kohrs outside a van house. Talk to her and she’ll ask you to help her shoot the van house to scare the guy inside the van. This will activate the Tools of the Trade Side mission. Shoot the van house until the SCARE load bar reach 100%.

After that, just follow Skylar and she’ll asked you to come with her unwinding for fishing. At Widow’s Creek, you’ll be fishing and you need to catch a fish in order to finish the Tools of the Trade side mission. You’ll earn $700 for completing this first side mission.

Now, you’ll be proceeding to the next side mission the Gone Fishin’. You need to catch 2 kinds of fish the Arctic Grayling Salmon Fish, Paddle Fish, and Rock Bass Fish. Press tab to open the map for the location of those fish. Once you completed catching those required fish. Skylar will call you again for help to catch The Admiral fish.

The last side mission The Admiral, you have to go to the Skylar’s location in Clagett Boathouse skip travel to Widow’s Creek and it’s just about few meters away. Talk to her and it will activate The Admiral side mission. From here, you need to ride a boat and follow the orange circle tag – you need to catch The Admiral Fish. It’s a little bit hard, so you need better fishing rod that you can purchase in the shop.

Once you finish catching the Admiral Fish, go back to Skylar and she’ll rewarded you the Wonderboy Fishing Rod.

To unlocked the Wonderboy Fishing Rod, you need to go the Shop and equip it.

You may also watch our walk-through guide video below for your references.

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