Fresh and Fruity Side Quest Guide Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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In the town of Torigoth, Gormott Province – You’ll encounter this lady named Twaina standing outside of her home, who was looking for a driver to complete the ingredient of her popular pie that she’d like to make. On the first part of the quest she’s asking you to get two ingredients from her recipe the Hustle Hyacinth and Mint Fish.

Unfortunately, this fish and mint is not available in Torigoth Market and you have to look somewhere to get these ingredients.

Hustle Hyacinth and Mint Fish Locations:

You can actually find Hustle Hyacinth and Mint Fish in a single place, you can find this from the Collection Point in the Lyta Oasis. You may skip travel straight to this location, in our video we fast travel to Traveler’s Resting Tree which is quite far from the location, so instead of doing that just straight ahead to Lyta Oasis.

There are lot’s of Collection point in these area, what you need to do is to collect them all and you must get as many as Hustle Hyacinth and Mint Fish.

After you done those task, you can now go back to Twaina and give the ingredients. But your task is not yet complete, she has problem with her oven and it needs fixing. She’ll now ask you to look for a certain guy in the Torigoth Market named Glyn. You can find this guy just on the north side part of Torigoth Market, basing from the map.

When you reach Glyn, he will now asked you to pay for 3,000 Gold or by giving him a Chain of Keys. You can find the Chain of Keys by doing the salvaging in Torigoth town. But it will be a lot expensive than paying 3,000 Gold, because you have to purchase Ordinary Cylinder and you have to try many times to get one of the Chain of Keys. If you choose getting the chain of keys, return to Glyn and give it to him.

Everything should be fine now, the last thing you have to do is to return to Twaina and claim your prize. Completing this quest will earn you 500 Gold, 380 Exp, 54 SP and a Twaina’s Recipe. For complete walk-through on this side quest, you may also watch our video guide below.

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