How to Find Chain of Keys – Fresh and Fruity Side Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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This is part of the side quest Fresh and Fruity from the game Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Where Twaina is asking second request to fix her stove and you have to ask Glyn to fix it. But Glyn won’t fix it without paying him 3,000 Gold or a Chain of Keys for exchange due to her wife going banana when he don’t get credit for what he work. Glyn added that the Chain of Keys is not available in shops and can only be obtain through salvaging.

Paying 3,000 Gold is the best option to finish this part of the side quest. But in our case we look for this Chain of Keys by salvaging and we almost spent 3,600 Gold purchasing the 6 Ordinary Cylinder just to get the Chain of Keys from salvaging. Well, that’s way expensive than paying Gold cash for Glyn.

But if you want to be challenge and don’t missed out anything from the game, you can choose the Chain of Keys instead, the salvaging is just inside the Torigoth town in the Salvage Point, Saets Chief’s Residence near the Abble’s Fountain, you can find this on the right side after crossing the small bridge.

You need as much as 6 Ordinary Cylinder or more to get these Chain of Keys. You can also watch our video game play below on how do we achieve it.

After you got the Chain of Keys, return to Glyn and give him the item and the part of this side quest should be complete now.

If you still haven’t still got any chance of Chain of Keys in Salvaging, make sure you make a perfect timing in Savaging the one with pressing A and B’s button to get better chances.

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