How to Equip M1917 MG “An Escalation” Skin in Battlefield 1

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A new skins for your new LMG has been released in Battlefield 1 Turning Tides DLC, but somehow many people are clueless how to equipped this fancy skins the M1917 MG “An Escalation”. There are multiple ways how to unlock the M1917 MG, either by completing the challenge or purchasing it with your gold scrap.

This secret skins are very tricky to unlock and equipped especially if you haven’t tried the Battlefield app or in Battlefield Web Companion from their website yet. Because it is impossible to equipped this skins straight from the game. Maybe, EA is suggesting people to use their Battlefield Web Companion app or just a hidden secret.

How to Equip M1917 MG “An Escalation” Skin in Battlefield 1

  1. Login to your Battlefield Web Companion app or website at
  2. Select Battlefield 1.
  3. Then go to Customize Loadout or Loadout.
  4. Choose the Support Class.
  5. Then scroll down, find and select either the M1917 MG Low Weight or M1917 MG Telescopic.
  6. Then on Visuals, select the An Escalation skins.

That’s it! You can now use your new skins and fight in the Battlefield. If you have other

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