Battlefield 1 Turning Tides – How to Unlock All New Weapons

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Battlefield 1 just release its new DLC the Turning Tides and premium pass owner can download the new DLC right now. Turning Tides came with lot of new weapons, ribbons, medals and new specialization to unlock. Battlefield 1 also added 10 new ranks in the game out from the previous capped 120 rank.

The new weapons will not automatically playable once you have the Turning Tides DLC or even you have a premium pass, you have to unlock it with certain task in order for you to use the new weapon.

To get the weapon you like, you have to complete the following task below:

M1917 Trench Carbine

To get this semi-automatic carbine, you have need:

  • 15 kills with pistol/sidearms
  • perform 5 multi-kills.

Maschine Pistole M1912/P.16 Storm

To get this good close quarter combat pistol with additional high rate fire, you need:

  • 50 kills with Automatico M1918 storm
  • Destroy 5 boats with AT Rocket Gun.

Farquhar Hill Storm

This medic class rifle has two variant – one is the base and the other is the upgrade version, the first variant – you need:

  • 25 kills with M1907 SL Trench
  • In one round get 10 revive

The second variant with scope the Farquhar Hill Optical, you need:

  • 25 headshots with Farquhar Hill Storm
  • 20 squad orders

M1917 MG Low Weight + “An Escalation” Skins

This support class machine guns also has two variant, the first is you need:

  • 25 kills with Bar M1918 Trench
  • 250 vehicle damage using explosives

The second upgrade is M1917 MG Low Weight Optical, you need:

  • 50 kills with M1917 MG Low Weight
  • 1500 points suppression with any LMG rifle

Carcano M91 Carbine

For this scout class sniper rifle, you need:

  • 25 kills with Kaveri M195 carbine
  • Destroy 5 explosives

Type 38 Arisaka Infantry

This second sniper rifle, you need to get:

  • 25 counter sniper kills
  • 3 multi-kills as the scout class
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