How to Add or Link Your PayMaya to PayPal

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Linking your PayMaya card to your PayPal account is very easy, doing this method also enables you to verify your PayPal account. Advantages of verifying your PayPal account is – it will lift the sending limit of your account and allow you to send more money and receive funds from other people without that lengthy verification.

My screenshot may seem different from your PayPal interface, because the screenshot is from a business PayPal account, but most likely it will be similar – just look for the highlighted name in my instruction.

Linking your PayMaya to PayPal

To link your PayMaya VISA or MasterCard, login your PayPal account.

Once you’re login,Look for the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the site and click Profile and Settings.

Then on the Left tab, go to Financial Information. From here, click the update button in the Debit and Credit cards section.

Before adding, you need to have at least a total of 100 Pesos from your PayMaya account to add a new card, these include the initial charge of 50 pesos and card confirmation of 100 pesos. The initial 50 pesos charge will be immediately returned to your Account.

Now, press the Add another card button to add your PayMaya card. Enter your Card Number without spaces, the Expiration Date and the Verification Number which you can find on the back of the card or in your PayMaya app. You may use both of your Virtual Card or Physical Card here.

Fill up the information with your PayMaya card. To avoid card decline, all information must match in your PayMaya including the Billing Address.

Once you added your PayMaya Card, you may now proceed on confirming your card. Your PayMaya will be charge 100 Pesos on this part, refund will be in 24 hours. Now, press the Confirm My Card then it will send you to Confirm your credit/debit card to get Verified page. Select the PayMaya card that you’d like to confirm and press the Continue button.

For confirmation, you will receive a text message from PayMaya with the transaction details from PayPal. The text message should look like:

Approval of PHP100.00 purchase at PP*XXXXCODE from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Available balance: PHPXXX.00 with Reference Number 73320488XXXX.

Alternatively, you can go to your PayMaya app and check the transaction history from there.

In the text receipt, copy the 4-digit code highlighted above after PP* and before CODE. For example, if its PP*1234CODE, your confirmation code should be 1234. Now, just press the Continue button on the PayPal page.

Then a button should appear in your card row saying Enter PayPal Code. Press that button. Now enter the confirmation you received and click confirm card.

You’re done! You’ve successfully confirmed your card and your PayPal account is now verified.

Transferring Funds from Paypal to PayMaya

You can also withdraw funds from your PayPal to your PayMaya card (VISA card only). But you need to have upgraded PayMaya in order to do it. The minimum withdrawals in Paypal is 500 Pesos. Withdrawing funds is simple, just click the Withdraw funds from your PayPal dashboard.

Then select the source funds on the From (USD, PHP, EURO, etc) and on the To select your PayMaya VISA. Once done, press the Continue button.

Transaction fee may also applies. Withdrawal above 7,000 Pesos is FREE of charge while withdrawal below 7,000 Pesos will charge you 50 Pesos. In our experience, we tried withdrawing 550 Pesos and it has transaction fee of 50 Pesos.

And it works! The average time your funds will reflect in your PayMaya account is in 1 to 3 days.

For people getting this error message saying “Sorry, we’re unable to process your request. Please try again later.”, this error message will only be displayed if your PayMaya account is not fully upgraded. To upgrade, check your PayMaya app.

If you have a problem activating your card, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below! Cheers!

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