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Champ Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

Champ Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

Looking for best value LED gaming keyboard? There’s a new keyboard in the Philippine market the Champ Illuminated Gaming Keyboard and just valued at PHP 380 or 8 USD. This keyboard has its unique features like Tactile crisp keys, spill proof design, extended length palm rest, thick braided cord, controllable brightness, built in multimedia keys and Ergonomic for your comfortable gaming experience.

*UPDATE – Check our review on this post

With its premium looking packaging comes a great product inside, each keys performs no delay and gives comfortability with your fingertips. The no spill proof will protect your precious keyboard from any water spills going inside the keyboard, it protects every electronic inside. The palm rest give you enough space for your hand to be comfortable and the adjustable backlit led will give you more options in configuring the lightning.

The multimedia keys also allow you to have a shortcut keys in your favorite music, volumes or even emails as well as going to the homepage of your browser. The cable of the keyboard is also protected with a thick braided cable that will ensure a long lasting lifespan of your keyboard.

You can buy this keyboard at kimstore, its for only PHP 380.00.

Also watch out for our review on this Champ Illuminated Keyboard. Do you like this keyboard? Let us know and leave a comment down below.


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