Champ Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review

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One of the most affordable gaming keyboard in the country is the Champ Illuminated Gaming Keyboard at only PHP 350. Today, We just got the item, and we’re going to give you a detailed review for this kickass keyboard.

Let’s start with the packaging. The box comes with a great design that is similar to branded gaming keyboard packaging, and it has the illuminated logo’s in both front and back. The full specification of the keyboard are also print in the back and some instruction on how to use the keyboard, this details will surely help anyone on their purchase decision. It also comes with white foam cover that protects the keyboard from dust or damage.

The Keyboard, what we immediately notice is the texture of the plastic they’re using. The texture seems too embossed that I am afraid in the long run it could quickly wear out after heavy usage. Imagine the keys that you usually use like WASD are shiner than other keys, but I think it’s completely fine as it matches the overall design of the keyboard and it feels good in your fingertips. Well, you could just replace it with a new one if it’s worn-out.

The USB connector is coated with a golden finish that gives a premium looking to the device and nice feeling when you inserted it in your gaming rig. It is also protected with chunky molded plastic that adds some nice protection around the connector.

The cable wire comes with a braided sleeve for a long term use. It also has a ferrite bead or the cynical parts at the end of the cable to reduce and dissipate high-frequency noise. The cable is long enough to reach your gaming rig from your desk or seat from your couch.

The main feature of this keyboard is the lightning. If you compare this keyboard with other mid-range product, other keyboard has a problem with the light effect as it is very hard to read the keys, because the light cannot reflect into the letters and you could hardly read it from a typing angle, It only good when you see it in the upper view. While in this keyboard, they eliminate this feature, instead they replace it with a white printed keys, and they only place the light effect on the side of the keys, which you can easily read the letters. The downside of having printed keys is the print can easily erase, we tried scratching some letters and indeed the prints easily remove. It has a gradient RGB color effect that starts from Blue, Red, Green and Pink. Besides, it has a beautiful light in the bottom of the keyboard.

There is two lightning configuration in this keyboard, first is the Lasting mode where the light remains turn on all the time and the Breathing mode where the light has a breath effect fading in and out. What I just don’t like the breathing mode is it is too long for the light to fade in, its like 1 seconds of no light before it fade in again, even adjusting the speed. It also has a dedicated key for the light which you can turn off the backlit, adjust the speed or the brightness.

You can also check our unboxing video below:


  • Interface Type: USB
  • Net Weight: 1100+20g
  • Size: 472 x 203 x 29 mm
  • Key Life: 5,000,000 times
  • Cable Length: 1500 mm
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Operating Current: 300mA

We ordered the keyboard in Kimstore for PHP 350, but we end up with a total price of PHP 770 because of the expensive shipping fee which is PHP 370. You can buy this cheap if you pick up the keyboard or bought it directly from their outlet.

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  • Roxanne C. November 26, 2020 11:35 am

    Can I change the keycaps of this keyboard?


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