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Today, we just got an email from keymailer that the game publisher approved our core request to review a game and that game is the Killbot Dead Zone. It is a third person shooter zombie game where you have to kill the zombie in a wave. You can also play the game with your friends in co-op mode up to 12 players, or you play solo, the game has different kind of zombies from doctor, lady, dogs or the skeletons. In the game, you can also change or upgrade your weapon and characters.

The concept of a zombie wave and able to play the game with your buddy is one of the great features of Killbot. Honestly, I enjoyed playing this game in solo and some players online, although the game graphics and AI are poorly executed. The camera in the game is also too shaky, and there are some instances that when you go near a post, it wobbles. The recoil of the gun are also uncontrollable that sometimes it’s hard to aim the zombie and the game difficulty is also too easy, actually – I haven’t died playing the game.

The game also has a lack of background music, the sounds of the zombie are also repeatedly used in all types of zombies that you cannot recognize which zombie is going to attack you. It’s also hard to predict where the enemy is or how far they are because the sounds volume is the same, sounds for the guns are just fine. If they put the background music from the game trailer to the game, it would be better.

For now, the game has a lot of bugs and if the developer will continue to improved this game – it has a good chance and potential of being a good shooter game, the game was fun and quite addicting. Our score for this game is 2.5 out of 5.

The game was fun and quite addicting though it needs a lot of improvement

Story - 18%
Graphics - 62%
Sounds - 36%
Controls - 21%

Overall Score


PROS: Entertaining game concept and somehow addicting. Support online multiplayer and low latency. Large selection of weapons. Game is affordable for everyone and deserved support. CONS: Full of bugs like broken graphics. Sound effect use are repeatitive and no way to estimate zombie position. Recoil of the guns is uncontrollable.

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