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Facebook Gameroom Review

Facebook Gameroom Review

Facebook had launched its first gaming platform the Facebook Gameroom, it’s their very first big push into PC – after its web-based games platform. The new Facebook Gameroom features variety of games from its existing web-based games and dedicated native games, this push of Facebook serves as a competition to other gaming platform like Steam, Origin and uPlay, although Facebook focus on different environment of gaming.


So what are the difference of Facebook Gameroom? Well, It is a light version of Steam – most of the games here are FREE and not larger than 200mb – though the maximum file size allowed is 500mb and there are in-app purchase on some of the games. This means rather than playing games like Counter Strike Global Offensive from steam, you can play the smaller version like Critical Ops and ZBlitz. Most developers here are either app developer or from indie dev community which some of their games are ported from web or mobile android or ios apps like Candy Crush, Jetpack Joyride, Mutants, Tetris and more.


Types of games genre that you can play here are from Action Games to Bingo Games, Board Games, Builder Games, Card Games, Card Battle Games, Casino Games, Casual Games, Match 3 Games, Poker & Table Games, Puzzle Games, Role Playing Games, Runner Games, Simulation Games, Slots Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games and Trivia/Word Games. Their homepage also featured Editor choice and Recommended Games where it help you choose the best game currently on the platform.


The good thing of it is the ability to install the game in your PC, you don’t have to re-download the game in order to play your favorite web-based game. Recently they also added the ability to watch live game streaming directly from Facebook Gameroom where Facebook user who play games via Facebook Live are automatically listed. This is also a sign that they are working to something bigger to put up a live streaming option to this client.

If you’re not that kind of a hardcore gamer and fun of playing web-based games, Facebook Gameroom is the best for you. It’s just a month old and who knows they can be more bigger than Steam 3 to 10 years from now.

You can download Facebook Gameroom at


Varieties of games you can play.

Smaller game filesize and can be installed locally.

Centralize scoring board through Facebook.

Added Watch Livestream where you can watch random players.


Some user encounter issue installing the platform.

Lacks of configuration settings.

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  • bobwilliams
    October 4, 2017 at 2:34 am

    i dont know who created this dam gameroom but the s.o.b. needs to be shot none of my games will work . put this all back on facebook then i can play my games . i didnot have any trouble with gambino poker site fot 10 years until this sht took over.

  • Alien April
    December 25, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    I totally agree. I have a decent computer and it totally freezes my entire system up. It just got so frozen that that I couldn’t even open Control+Alt+Del; I had to do a dirty shutdown.

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