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Facebook Gameroom Review

Facebook had launched its first gaming platform the Facebook Gameroom, it’s their very first big push into PC – after its web-based games platform. The new Facebook Gameroom features variety of games from its existing web-based games and dedicated native games, this push of Facebook serves as a competition to other gaming platform like Steam, Origin and uPlay, although Facebook focus on different environment of gaming.

So what are the difference of Facebook Gameroom? Well, It is a light version of Steam – most of the games here are FREE and not larger than 200mb – though the maximum file size allowed is 500mb and there are in-app purchase on [...]

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Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn Game Review

The original Final Fantasy XIV was a crippling disappointment for Square Enix, released unfinished on PC in 2010 and juddering to a halt in 2012. The game’s producer resigned in shame and much of the development team was changed. A Realm Reborn, then, is a sequel as much as it is a relaunch: none of the game’s systems has been left untouched, and all of its areas have been redeveloped. Square Enix took the failure of the game’s initial iteration as an opportunity to bring the world of Eorzea to an apocalyptic and suitably melodramatic close: A Realm Reborn is set five years later, as Eorzea pieces itself back together with the help of a mysterious new wave of adventurers. It’s [...]