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Bully Anniversary Edition Available now on iOS and Android

Bully Anniversary Edition Available now on iOS and Android

It’s exactly 10 years today when Bully was release on Playstation 2, Rockstar classic game Bully is now available on mobile devices to celebrate its 10th anniversary. On this return you can now play Bully in Android and iOS with a price tag of $6.99.


The Bully Anniversary Edition comes in a complete story with additional missions, characters, miniatures and unlockable objects in the game. You can also participate in a round-based multiplayer game where you can challenge your friends. The game uses a smart touch to control the game.

You will play as a 15 year old red-spoon Jimmy Hopkins and you will experience the social structures of the Bullworth Academy, a curropt and crumbling private school. You have to defend yourself from these bullies, play pranks, punish or malice it with girls and go a year at the worst school.

You can download Bully Anniversary Edition on AppStore or on Google Play.

This game is also available on PC in Steam (Bully: Scholarship Edition)

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