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Download GTA V Christmas Update

Rockstar Games just released its Christmas update for Grand Theft Auto V and brings new items, perks and more additional features on GTA Online.

A Twitter post by ItsJackFrost that a festive surprise 2016 is now out bringing a Christmas themed clothing that are free. There’s also Luminous, Electric and Neon Bodysuits for $100k each. You can also sell your stolen car from recent Import / Export update from GTA that gives you $50,000 rewards.

New Two cars are also available the Truffade Nero and Nero Custom that are available for purchase. There are more additional updates on the festive update that are still undiscovered. You can download now the GTA 5 [...]

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Bully Anniversary Edition Available now on iOS and Android

It’s exactly 10 years today when Bully was release on Playstation 2, Rockstar classic game Bully is now available on mobile devices to celebrate its 10th anniversary. On this return you can now play Bully in Android and iOS with a price tag of $6.99.

The Bully Anniversary Edition comes in a complete story with additional missions, characters, miniatures and unlockable objects in the game. You can also participate in a round-based multiplayer game where you can challenge your friends. The game uses a smart touch to control the game.

You will play as a 15 year old red-spoon Jimmy Hopkins and you will experience the social structures of the Bullworth Academy, [...]

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GTA Online Starting to Adjust Cash from Modded or Cheats Accounts

Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar just started resetting cash from modded or cheat accounts. Based from the message they posted from their support board, they explain to players, to keep the gameplay environment of Grand Theft Auto Online fair they have to removed illegitimately gained in-game money from players accounts.

For affected players, they will received the following message:

USER, Your GTA Online Cash Balance has Been Adjusted. We have determined that your account illegitematly gained in-game money via mods, cheats or other actions. We’ve adjusted your account and updated your balance.

No additional action is pending against your account. Note [...]

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Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC (Petition)

The other day, Rockstar unveil its new Game Red Dead Redemption 2, but surprisingly the game is only available for game consoles Playstation 4 and XBOX 1 – no mention of PC.

After the game trailer went live a new petition emerge on Change.Org by Aleo Aninda  from Dhaka, Bangladesh asking the Rockstar to make the game available on PC. You can find the petition right here (

Because Red Dead Redemption is an amazing game and we PC players have been denied from playing it. Please don’t do the same with Red Dead Redemption 2.

Yes anyone [...]