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MSI had released a BIOS update for their GPU MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G to fixed overclocking issue on the card. A lot of users reportedly they have issue with the card that has a chip of Micron VRAM. Other GPU Manufacturer also released an update for their card using the same chips to address the issue.


Recently we also have an article for a BIOS update for EVGA GTX 1070 cards ( So, every GTX 1070 card with Micron VRAM ship has potential problem, but not all card thus it. Some cards are using Samsung chips that has no problem. This comes after a shortage and high demand of samsung memory chip leaving manufacturer no to choice to alternatively use Micron VRAM ship to continue its operation.

Before updating make sure your model of the card has the following Serial number 602-V330-54S, 602-V330-43S, 602-V330-55S, 602-V330-220, 602-V330-250, you can find this on the sticker of your GTX 1070 card.

To update just go to MSI Product page of GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G ( then click and Download the BIOS update.

Or you can directly download the update (1.98MB) at

How to Update your BIOS:

  • After downloading the zipped files, extract it to a location on your disk drive.
  • Close any program that are running to ensure smooth installation.
  • Double click or start the nvupdate_NV330MH241.exe
  • A CMD window will start prompting you to proceed with the update, just press Y
  • Next allow the NVIDIA Flash Utility permission.
  • Wait until the installation update is completed and your computer will restart automatically
  • To check if your card update successfully, you can download the GPU-Z and check the BIOS version it must be
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