How to Download NVIDIA GTX 1070 BIOS Update (Fixed Memory Issue)

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If you have a faulty NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU that tends to have screen glitches, flickering, artifacts, program crashes and stability issues you’re probably one of the users affected with this issue and require to update your GPU BIOS.

One of the culprit behind this issue is the memory voltage affects some of the GTX 1070 cards that are equipped with 8gbps MICRON chip, while other brands who has Samsung chips has no problem. Because of on-going shortage of Samsung memory chip, manufacturer uses the Micron chip as alternative.


Before update, if you want to know if your chip is using Micron memory you can download the GPU-Z utility and check if its Micron or Samsung. Once you installed GPU-Z go to Graphics Card then see the Memory Type field, it should display GDDR5 (Samsung) or GDDR5 (Micron).

How to Update NVIDIA GTX 1070 BIOS update

3 manufacturer who uses Micron memory chips already released updates for the Memory Issue, If you have one of these card download the update below:

  • GTX 1070 – EVGA BIOS Update –
  • GTX 1070 – Gainward BIOS Update –
  • GTX 1070 – Palit BIOS Update –

For Gigabyte & MSI they confirmed that they are using Samsung and Micron memory ship but uses different model in their product line and if problem will arise they will address the issue and release an update.

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