Green Man Gaming Battlefield 1 Key Problem

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Green Man Gaming received many complains about customers receiving used or invalid key for Battlefield 1. Because of no response from their Ticket resolution center, most customer go to Reddit and express their frustration about receiving defected keys. Those affected keys are bought from pre-orders.


A one Reddit user webox who bought 2 copies of the game Battlefield 1 also received defective keys 1 worked, but the other 1 is invalid or used key.

A Reddit user granatfarfar also has the same problem from GreenManGaming defective key and received an email response from his inquiry after 24 hours.

Hello granatfafar

We are seeing an increase in customer support requests currently and we are unable to respond to your request as quickly as we would like.

We apologise for the delay, your request will be reviewed as soon as possible. Please do not open any new tickets regarding the same issue.

Kind regards,

Green Man Gaming Customer Service.

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