Battlefield 1 in PS4, XBOX One and PC Benchmark Comparison

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If you’re planning to buy Battlefield 1 and still have no idea what game platform either XBOX One, PS4 or PC. YouTuber Digital Foundry posted a comparison of the game to both consoles and the PC on his YouTube channel.

On the Resolution of Battlefield 1 in PS4 and XBOX One they uses a dynamic framebuffer to automatically adjust the resolution depending on the intensity of the gameplay. On PS4 when its on normal loads it runs 1000p and when in heavy load it drops to 900p, while in the XBOX One which is the normal resolution is 900p it drops to 720p when heavy load. This is the reason details on PS4 is much more detailed than XBOX One. But the new Version of XBOX One (Battlefield 1 Edition) can reach up to 1000p resolution because of the dedicated hardware for the game.

The framerate in PS4 runs smoothly on 60fps but there are certain cases that significantly drop its frame rate to 14fps, but still remains playable. While the XBOX One runs consistent in its framerate.

This means for the battle of Consoles, XBOX One wins the comparison on Battlefield 1 with its smoother gameplay, besides having small resolution. While PS4 runs very detailed gameplay it’s still lag on some points.

On PC version of Battlefield 1, no question this is the best platform you can play Battlefield 1 with good hardware like GTX 1080.

See Digital Foundry comparison review below:

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