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Call of Juarez Gunslinger Game Review

From the creators of Dead Island comes there other game Call of Juarez Gunslinger that was released in 2013. The game greatest success lies in how smartly it marries the authenticity of its setting with the artifice of the storytelling. The aesthetic is Bound In Blood meets Borderlands, with objects outlined as if illustrated in a dime-store novel. Your brightly attired enemies are the main sources of color in the dusty brown environments, while the violence is pulpy, comic book stuff. When a bullet connects with an enemy there’s a ludicrous splatter of vivid red accompanied by a noisy slurp: Tarantino would undoubtedly approve, as he would of the rambling tales that stitch these [...]

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Battlefield 4 Game Review

Given its prominence in EA’s promotional campaign, it’s little surprise to find that Siege Of Shanghai is the most dramatic map of the lot, featuring a towering skyscraper that can be felled by crippling its supports, which forces any players inside to parachute to safety as it lurches to the ground. In Flood Zone, a burst levee turns streets into water-filled canals, while Rogue Transmission’s colossal radio telescope tumbles apart.

Paracel Storm is our favourite level, set on islands beset by a tropical squall that grows increasingly violent as the round progresses. As the storm intensifies, the waves get choppier, hampering water vehicle handling. A huge ship moored to a [...]

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Battlefield 1943 Game Review

Only in videogames could World War II become synonymous with madcap levity. DICE’s Battlefield series has toughed its way through many eras of combat – historical, fictional and futuristic – but it was always its origins in an erratic, barmy depiction of WWII that offered the kind of joyful chaos that EA now wishes to recapture in Pacific’s downloadable, multiplayer shooter. And it has – to a tee.

Pacific is a masterfully pared-down version of Battlefield’s class-based teamplay – each side trying to wrest control of spawn points from the other while the ability to reinforce those positions ticks down with every casualty. This time, however, there are just three roles available [...]

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Battlefield 1 in PS4, XBOX One and PC Benchmark Comparison

If you’re planning to buy Battlefield 1 and still have no idea what game platform either XBOX One, PS4 or PC. YouTuber Digital Foundry posted a comparison of the game to both consoles and the PC on his YouTube channel.

On the Resolution of Battlefield 1 in PS4 and XBOX One they uses a dynamic framebuffer to automatically adjust the resolution depending on the intensity of the gameplay. On PS4 when its on normal loads it runs 1000p and when in heavy load it drops to 900p, while in the XBOX One which is the normal resolution is 900p it drops to 720p when heavy load. This is the reason details on PS4 is much more detailed than XBOX One. But the new Version of XBOX One [...]