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Mass Effect 2 is Now FREE on Origin (On The House)

Another free game for 2017, the one of the most popular FPS game Mass Effect 2 is now FREE on Origin from its On the House program. You will play the game as Commander Shepherd and lead the greatest galaxy fight against the invading Reapers. Mass Effect 2 was originally released January 23, 2010 with its developer BioWare.

You will get the standard edition of Mass Effect 2 which doesn’t include the bonus weapons, armors, sound track, digital art book and other free stuff included on the Digital Deluxe version of the game.

To redeem your FREE game just go ahead on Origin’s On the house page at [...]

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Dungeon Keeper FREE on Origin

A classic Action-Strategy game Dungeon Keeper is now free on Origin for a limited only, so you have to grab it now when you read this post! The game Dungeon Keeper was release on 1997 to PC by Bullfrog Productions and Electronic Arts. The game is about controlling the creatures of darkness and pit them against the forces of good.

Well, the system requirement is so low so you probably play this game without lag just a processor with 1.8GHz, 512MB Ram and 3D Graphic Card.

You can download the game from Origin’s On The House page (

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It’s UP! Medal of Honor – Pacific Assault is FREE on Origin

Grab this full games of Medal of Honor Pacific Assault from Origin’s On the House Promotion ( The Free Download is limited time only, so just go to Origin site and click the “Download the Game” to activate it to your Origin Account.

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault was released on November 2014, the game was based on World War II at Pearl Harbor. You will play the game as Marine Private Tom Conlin and fight along with your comrade as you win the battle in the Pacific.

Note: Unfortunately the online multiplayer of the game is not currently working as it ended its hosting service from [...]