A Guy Lose Weight after Playing Ringfit Adventure, a game from Nintendo Switch

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It’s a new year, and many of us probably gained weight during the holiday seasons from the invited Christmas parties, Noche Buena and Media Noche. Honestly, we can’t resist those invitations and the yummy foods that were served on the table, and most importantly, we celebrated these holidays with friends and families. 

Some of us have been known as “procrastinators” (i.e. “Ah bahala na, sa sunod nako magbabalik alindog, YOLO”. “Next year nalang after New Year. Yadah Yadah”.) when it comes to losing weight (ahem). A guy from Pasig City, Philippines named Migui Gabriel (IGN: MiguiMonkey) doesn’t stop him from losing weight even with this tempting festivities. He loses weight by playing a Nintendo Switch game, the Ringfit Adventure.

The Ringfit Adventure is an exercising action-RPG game developed and published by Nintendo, it was released last October 18, 2019, and exclusively available to Nintendo Switch.

Migui’s motivation to lose weight is purely personal, he finds it difficult to wear clothes that are perfectly fit on him, its either too small or too large. He has been overweight for a few years now and did try losing weight by doing physical exercises like going bicycle to work, and even tried a boxing game from Nintendo Switch, but it’s not enough.

Until he discovered a new game from a Nintendo ad, the RingFit Adventure, which he started last December 4, 2019. “I figured that RingFit Adventure might be a better motivator than the game mentioned earlier. True enough, it did work!”, Migui said in an interview.

Before he started his losing weight journey, he was weighed around 78 kilograms. And the 30-day adventure with the game loses him almost 9 kilograms.

“I regularly check my weighing scale at home and my current weight sits at around 69 kilograms. My weight is within the ideal BMI for a guy with a height of 5′ 6”, Migui Said.

He posted his journey on Facebook and went viral. As of writing, the post is now in 1k shares.

Aside from playing the video game, he also shares some diet tips that he uses alongside, “The diet tips I would like to share is to cut carbs in your daily consumption. I usually stick with 1 cup of rice a day and no more meals after 7pm. Combining this with RingFit Adventure helped me reduce my numbers.”

When it comes to losing weight, it takes a lot of effort, patience and most and foremost, discipline. Losing weight is not an easy process and there’s a saying that says, “No pain, no gain”. Some people may look for alternative ways to lose weight, just like what Migui did. Instead of the common physical exercises, he did it in a video game and cutting off some carbs as what he said to his post.

How about you? Do you have some ways or tips to pursue your New Year’s Resolution? 😀

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