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How to Fix Facebook Let’s Check Your Device for Malicious Software False Alarm

Just tonight, My Facebook account was locked by Facebook and it says my computer was infected with malware, even though I know it is not infected – because I just reformatted my computer a few weeks ago. And Why on Earth they know that my computer is infected with a virus, do they install something to my computer? a tracking program or something? that’s impossible because a website cannot access your device unless you install something from them! If that something to do with my account, they must provide some options to disable apps that doing something to my account and not to force anyone to install their sponsored Anti Virus program.

Other browser like Microsoft [...]

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Facebook added Templates on Facebook Page

Facebook just added new features on Facebook Pages and it allows you to change the template of your facebook page that designed for your business. This new template will allow your customer to focus on things you want to show on your fans.

There are new 7 templates you can choose from these are Standard, Shopping, Venues, Gaming, Politicians, Professional Services and Restaurants & Cafes.

Standard Template are good for all common pages, with buttons and tabs to help showcase what’s important to you. Buttons on Toolbar includes Like, Message and Share. Tabs give you more space for your photos, business details and more (Home, Posts, Videos, Photos, [...]

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How to Add Shop Section on Your Facebook Page

Did you know that you can add your own shop on your Facebook Page? Shop will enable your Facebook page to be your online store on selling product, you can also select what currency to be used and add unlimited of listing. This is a good way of boosting your Sales, because your product details will be displayed on Facebook Newsfeed which will give you a higher rate of exposure.

To add Shop on your Facebook Page, follow my instruction below:

1. Just click the + Add Shop Section that can be found on the bottom right corner of your Facebook Timeline.

2. A Pop up will appear, just click the button Add Shop Section.

3. You will be asked to setup your shop [...]

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How to Completely Remove Sub Categories From Your Facebook Page

Are you having hard time removing the subcategories from your Facebook Page? You can actually remove these sub-categories but it’s very tricky and takes several repetition.

In our case we accidentally added sub-categories “Video Games” in GamingPH and when we tried removing it, but it’s a bit impossible. A pop-up will always appear that keep saying you have at least 1 sub-category in order to save changes. So after several research we found a solution and able to remove sub-categories. See our instruction below.

How to Remove Subcategories on Facebook Page:

1. Go to your Facebook Page and click About.

2. Now find the Address field [...]