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FREE Gwent The Witcher Card Game Beta Access Code

Another FREE beta access code for you all! PC Gamers just announce they are giving away 10,000 beta code for the game Gwent The Witcher Card Game for everyone!

It is a card game version of the game The Witcher 3 that firstly introduced in one of its mini-game the Gwent. Despite numerous adventure in the open-world The Witcher 3, more players are addicting on this mini-game that leads to hanging out inside the pub player card games with the NPC players, because of this popularity, the dev is finally launching its own stand-alone game the Gwent, which is now in closed beta access.

You can get the FREE keys in or just simply sign up your email address [...]

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For Honor Beta Code FREE Sign Up

Good news Gamers! The registration for BETA access for ubisoft’s new game For Honor are now open for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC platform. You will get a chance to play the early access in the For Honor Beta, chance to win exclusive rewards in the War of the Factions and you stay updated with its latest news and gears. You can also select what faction you want to play in the beta¬†of For Honor either Samurai, Knights or Vikings.

To join, just go to its BETA registration page at Just fill up the form, sign in your uPlay account and you’re in!

For Honor is a 3rd person competitive game mixed with melee and long range [...]

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Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery Beta

Artifex Mundi is working for a new game and need your help to improve it! It’s Lost Grimoires 2 – Shard of Mystery.

If you want to join the BETA Testing, just follow the 3 steps below:

Download the Game at ( Play the Game Take Survey to enhanced the game at (

Leave your comment below for any question!