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How to Get Closed Beta Black Squad Key for FREE

A new first person shooting game Black Squad is in Closed Beta Test (CBT) and you have a chance to try the Beta Testing for FREE by joining their discord channel. Black Squad is a military fps game powered with Unreal Engine 3, it shows realistic graphics and dynamic visuals in the game. You can choose from their 10 different modes from classic to multiplayer modes.

How to get FREE beta keys

Go to Discord using this invite link: Then, find the channel #closed_beta_key (If you’re not familiar with discord, you can find it on the left corner of the screen) Then, just type in the channel !key A bot moderator will automatically PM you [...]
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Get your FREE Steam Key Minion Masters: Forced to Duel

Hi Gamers, Bundlerstar is giving away FREE steam key for Minion Masters: Forced to Duel. It is a real-time collectible card game where you will controls a set of minion warrior and challenge against each other in a hectic action strategy duels. You can choose your own play style, creatively select your minion warrior and make a way to defeat your opponent.

This free steam key is brought to you by BetaDwarf and Bundle Stars.

Important: Please ensure that your Steam account’s profile is set to “Public” so we can verify that you are a real person!

For more details you can check official bundle page at

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Giveaway! FREE Go Gigantic Keys From Razer

Claim your free BETA access key of Go Gigantic, a new MOBA third person game with a hardcore PVP action of 5 vs 5 for skilled gamers. You can choose from huge roster of heroes, each has different skills, weakness, weapons and abilities. Fight against enemy team together with creeps. You have to take out enemies and destroy their base.

To get the FREE keys, just Visit and Follow Razer’s Facebook and Twitter page and GoGigantic as well.

Available on Playstation 4, XBOX 1 and PC. See game trailer below.

[arve url=””]

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Get a Chance to Win Mafia 3, Civilization 6, XCOM 2 and more…

PC Gamers and Bundlestar teamed up to start a giveaway with tons of awesome games for their readers. 10 lucky winners will be picked that will be drawn on October 13, 2016. Here are the following games that you could win: Mafia 3, Civilization 6, XCOM2, NBA 2K17, Football Manager 2017, Dishonored 2, Rocket League, Batman: Arkham Knight Bundle, Shadow of Mordor and Gamepedia Bundle.