Uratex Hilariously Presents Their Monoblock Chair as an Ultimate Gaming Chair in an Ad Video

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Uratex, known for its affordable and durable furniture, has taken a humorous approach to advertising its monoblock chair, presenting it as a gaming chair in a new ad video. The video, which has quickly gone viral, showcases the monoblock chair in a gaming scenario, highlighting its 200-kilo seat load capacity, ISO 7173 level 5 and BPS certified. The tagline for the campaign is, “‘Pag #gamer ka, dapat comfortable at matibay ang upuan mo.”

In the early days of offline and online gaming, especially with titles from nostalgia Level Up Games, monoblock chairs were a common sight in computer shops. Known for their simple design and robustness, these chairs lined the rows of computer stations, providing an affordable seating solution for countless gamers.

One commenter on Facebook shared, “Relate ako dyan, gamers din mga nasa bahay. Buti na lang may Uratex Monoblock din kami kasi #BawalAngMarupok kahit sa laro. 😁” resonating many gamers who have relied on the sturdy monoblock chair for both gaming and everyday use.

Over the years, the monoblock chair has become a meme, known for its legendary “mas matagal pa sa iyong relationship” durability. Often seen in internet jokes, these chairs are celebrated for their ability to withstand heavy use and remain a budget-friendly option for everyone.

The monoblock chair was the go-to seating option due to its durability and ease of maintenance. For gamers who are just starting out or those who cannot afford the luxury of expensive gaming chairs, the monoblock chair remains a practical and reliable choice.

You can watch the hilarious ad video on Uratex’s official YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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