Divinity System Breakdown: Your Guide to Ragnarok X Next Generation

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Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) has introduced an exciting new feature called Divinity, which offers players a powerful method to enhance their character’s stats. By equipping Divinity, players can unlock godly powers that provide significant boosts to their abilities, making their characters stronger and more versatile in the game.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Get More Divinity
  2. How to Open Divinity
  3. Divinity System
  4. Affix Type
  5. Set Effects
  6. Upgrading Divinity
  7. Synthesize

These new Divinities can now be obtained through the new event as a reward or through top-up.

In this article, we will walkthrough some important details of the Divinity in Ragnarok X Next Generation.

How to Get More Divinity

To get a Divinity, start by participating at the Oblivion Realm. You can access it through the Season NPC at Prontera Square. Completing the weekly challenges there will reward you with Divinity Boxes. The harder the challenge, the higher the chance you’ll get a Gold Divinity.

Remember, you can only claim Divinity once a week. So, make sure you’re happy with the rewards before clicking “Claim Reward.” After claiming, you won’t be able to get any more rewards for that week.

Here are the chances that you will likely get the items:

Blue Divinity Box20%
Purple Divinity Box16.5%
Gold Divinity Box6%
Blue Selection DivinityBox2%
Purple Selection Divinity Box1%
Gold Selection Divinity Box0.2%
Heroic Soul Lv.210%
Heroic Soul Lv.32%
Divinity Fragment0.5%
Ragnarok Slab0.5%

Another way to get Divinity are the following:

  • ROX Top-up – A ten Purple Divinity Boxes cost around PHP 8,000, and the one with Gold Divinity costs PHP 15,990.
  • 3rd Year Anniversary Rewards – This is by exchanging your Joker Cards to Divinity Box

How to Open Divinity

The Divinity can now be opened at the game menu.

To open Divinity, you just need to open Golden Gala event, go to Growth Support tab and find any Divinity Quest and click the Go button.

Doing that will open the Divinity menu.

Divinity System

The Divinity system allows players to acquire godly powers that enhance their characters. When Adventurers equip Divinity, they gain corresponding powers that significantly boost their abilities.

The system features multiple slots for Divinity, with the first six slots unlocked by default. As you progress in the game, additional slots will be unlocked, allowing for even greater customization and power enhancement.

Each Divinity includes the following components:

AffixAffixes are special modifiers used to counter new monster affixes. They are acquired randomly from the affix pool and are specific to each slot. The number of affixes is related to their quality. As you fully upgrade your Divinity, the effects of these affixes will become more potent. Additionally, equipping a specified number of the same type of Divinities can activate a set effect, further enhancing your character’s abilities.Prophet, Annihilation, Ark, Revelation, Curse Breaker, Judgment
Main AttributeThe main attribute types of Divinity are tied to the slot they occupy, while their values depend on the quality of the Divinity. With each level of upgrade, the main attribute value of the Divinity increases, providing a continuous boost to your character’s stats.Random Stats
Secondary AttributeSecondary attributes in Divinity are acquired randomly from the secondary attribute pool. Different pools come with different qualities, ensuring that secondary attributes in each Divinity are unique and not repeated. These attributes are acquired by default and contribute additional enhancements to your character.Random Stats
FlashFor gold only

The attributes you’ll get for each Divinity is random, here are the possible stats you’ll get if you equipped Blue, Purple or Gold Divinity:

STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, LUK, Final ASPD7492105
Final Haste7492105
Final P.DEF, Final M.DEF, HP Regen per 5s, SP Regen per 5s, Physical Lifesteal, Magic Lifesteal, P.DMG Reflect, M.DMG Reflect, Final P.DMG RED, Final M.DMG RED, Final P.DMG Bonus, Final M.DMG Bonus, Final P.PEN, Final M.PEN, Final Crit, Crit DMG Bonus, Holy Enhance, Neutral Enhance, Earth Enhance, Fire Enhance, Water Enhance, Poison Enhance, Ghost Enhance, Undead Enhance151821
Bonus DMG to Large, Bonus DMG to Medium, Bonus DMG to Small, STR%, AGI%, VIT%, INT%, DEX%, LUK%, Max HP%, Max SP%, P.ATK%, M.ATK%182326
P.DMG Bonus%, M.DMG Bonus%293742
Heroic Soul Lv.2102121
Heroic Soul Lv.3288
Divinity Fragment, Ragnarok Slab0.50.50.5

Affix Type

Below is a table detailing the different Affix types, their levels, and their descriptions:

Affix TypeName LevelDescription
JudgmentJudgment IReduces damage taken from monsters with Fervor by 5%.
Judgment IIReduces the reflection chance of Spikes to 8.5%.
Judgment IIIReduces damage taken from monsters with Invisibility by 5%.
Judgment IVReduces Reflective Shield’s damage multiplier to 0.85%, up to 15% of Max HP.
Judgment VNormal attacks deal 1 extra hit on the Healing Shield.
Judgment VIReduces Protective Mist’s damage reduction effect by 15% (stackable with other Adventurers up to 10%).
Curse BreakerCurse Breaker IReduces the healing ban effect of Virus to 42.5% and its damage multiplier to 7% of Max HP.
Curse Breaker IIReduces the blind chance of Restricted Vision to 22%.
Curse Breaker IIIReduces the SP drain effect of Arcane Leech to 25% of Max SP.
Curse Breaker IVReduces Burn’s damage multiplier of each stack to 2.5% of Max HP.
Curse Breaker VReduces each stack’s effect of Chill by 15% and increases its max stacks to 6.
Curse Breaker VIReduces the chance of Corrosion to 25%.
ProphetProphet IReduces the duration of Electrify to 4 seconds.
Prophet IIReduces the pulling distance to 1.7m when targeted by Vortex.
Prophet IIIReduces Death Link’s damage multiplier to 15% of Max HP.
Prophet IVReduces the duration of Disrupt to 5 seconds.
Prophet VReduces the duration of Irresistible to 5 seconds.
Prophet VIReduces damage taken from Thunder Wrath by 15%.
RevelationRevelation IThere’s a 30% chance of not generating a venom pit when targeted by Venom Pit.
Revelation IIReduces Aqua Sphere’s damage multiplier to 16% of Max HP.
Revelation IIIReduces Polar Charge’s damage multiplier to 12% of Max HP.
Revelation IVIncreases MSPD by 1 for 3 seconds (extra 1 MSPD if not mounted) when the monster’s Scythe of Hell is activated.
Revelation VIncreases MSPD by 1 for 3 seconds (extra 1 MSPD if not mounted) when the monster’s Spirit Bomb is activated.
Revelation VIReduces the duration of Viral Spores to 4 seconds when targeted by this skill.
AnnihilationAnnihilation IIncreases MSPD by 1 for 3 seconds (extra 1 MSPD if not mounted) when the monster’s Blazing Golden Thief Bug is activated.
Annihilation IIIncreases the damage against monsters within the range of Mitigation Tablet to 65%.
Annihilation IIIReduces Evil Heart’s damage multiplier to 85% of Max HP.
Annihilation IVReduces Fire Tablet’s damage multiplier to 7.5% of Max HP.
Annihilation VNo longer take damage when blocking Life Link.
Annihilation VIReduces blind duration from Blinding Tablet to 2.5 seconds and its Hit Rate Reduction effect by 25%.
ArkArk IReduces damage taken from Thunderstorm by 30%.
Ark IIReduces damage taken from Cyclone by 20%.
Ark IIIReduces damage taken from Radiant Cross by 30%.
Ark IVReduces the immobilization duration of Time Shackles to 3.5 seconds.
Ark VReduces the knockback effect of Meteor to 5m.
Ark VIReduces damage taken from Timed Mine by 20%.

Set Effects

Equipping multiple pieces of the same type of Divinity can activate powerful set effects. These effects can significantly enhance your character’s performance in various situations. Below is a detailed table of the set effects for different Divinity types:

Divinity TypePieces RequiredSet Effect Description
Judgment3-PieceReduces damage taken from monsters with Passive affixes by an additional 30%.
6-PieceIncreases Final DMG of normal attacks and skills by 15% when attacking monsters with Passive affixes.
Curse Breaker3-PieceThere’s a 50% chance to remove 1 Curse debuff 2 times while being inflicted with Curse debuffs. Cooldown: 30 seconds.
6-PieceIncreases the chance of removing debuffs to 100% and reduces the cooldown to 20 seconds. Grants a 5-second immunity to Curse debuffs when removing them.
Prophet3-PieceGains a “Burial” effect (HP won’t fall below 1) before getting hit by Punishment effects for 6 seconds. Cooldown: 120 seconds.
6-PieceReduces the cooldown of the “Burial” effect to 60 seconds and gains immunity to control effects when the “Burial” effect is activated. Restores 20% of Max HP every second for 5 seconds when the effect wears off.
Revelation3-PieceGains a shield equal to 30% of Max HP for 10 seconds when a Mechanism affix is selected and activated. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
6-PieceIncreases the shield multiplier to 60% and blocks 2 extra hits (up to 100% of Max HP per hit) within 10 seconds after the shield disappears.
Annihilation3-PieceNormal attacks and skills deal 1 extra hit when attacking monsters that are created by Summon effects. Each time a summoned monster dies, for every point of damage dealt to it, your Final DMG is increased by 0.3% for 20 seconds, stacking up to 30 times.
6-PieceThe skill now deals extra damage up to 3 times, and each time a summoned monster dies, for every point of damage dealt to it, your damage boost is increased to 0.5%, stacking up to 60 times.
Ark3-PieceIncreases MSPD for 3 seconds (Cavalry Combat: +1 MSPD; others: +2 MSPD) when an Area effect is triggered.
6-PieceIncreases MSPD (Cavalry Combat: +1 MSPD; others: +2 MSPD) when an Area effect is triggered. This effect will be removed upon taking any damage or exiting combat.

Upgrading Divinity

To upgrade your Divinity, you need Heroic Soul Essence or dismantling unused Divinity. The amount of EXP need to level to the next level will vary depending on the current level. But for a start, a Blue Quality divinity requires 100 EXP to level up to level 2.

A single Heroic Soul Essence is equal to 100 EXP, a Blue Quality divinity is equal to 1000 EXP. Here are the exp you need to level up your Divinity (Credit to nalla of ROX University):


Here is the example Divinity that was upgraded:


You can also synthesis to create a new Divinity, this is by using Divinity Fragment and Ragnarok Slab. You can get these materials by participating at the Season > Oblivion Realm.

Here’s how it looks like when you try to synthesis a VI Part Divinity:

That’s it for now guys! We will be updating this guide as much as information as possible.

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