Ragnarok X: Next Generation’s First International Contest ROXIC Is Imminent!

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The first international contest of the Ragnarok X: Next Generation, ROX International Championship (hereinafter referred to as “ROXIC”), will officially open for registration and invitation on Jan 18, calling forth Adventurers from all over Midgard for a fair 6V6 showdown at the pinnacle!

Complete the registration on the pre-registration page between 12:00 on Jan 12, 2024 and 23:59 on Jan 31, 2024 (GMT+9) to claim exclusive rewards, including Anubis Helm, Advanced Gacha Coin Selection Pack, and Mysterious Box! Don’t you miss out!

The championship consists of three major phases: Regional Qualifier Eligibility, Regional Qualifier, and International Championship.

Regional Qualifier Eligibility

The Registration + Qualifier stage runs from Jan 18 to Jan 24, followed by a party formation stage, waiting for the Regional Qualifier to start. Participants are selected through three methods:

  1. Season Points: Top-ranked Adventurers each season are automatically qualified.
  2. Honor Leaderboard Ranking: There’s a chance for the Adventurers who have a high PVP ranking to qualify.
  3. Championship Invitation: Those qualifying through the first two methods can invite one of their friends from the same region.

Regional Qualifier

The Regional Qualifier runs from Jan 30 to Feb 4 and is held in a BO3 format, with winners earning 1 point per round and losers getting 0 points.

The qualifier will be held among the participating parties, where Adventurers’ own data is used during this phase. The system will randomly pair up all parties to go against each other for multiple rounds, with points awarded based on victories and defeats. At the end of the Regional Qualifier, parties will be ranked and granted access to the International Championship. There will be 32 parties in the final lineup, with the distribution as shown below: 11 parties (Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan), 11 parties (Southeast Asia), and 10 parties (Korea).

International Contest

Once the Regional Qualifier concludes, the top 32 parties will enter a dedicated International Championship Contest Server for training and waiting to be grouped. The International Championship is held in a BO5 format, with parties from different regions put into groups through drawing, and they will compete against each other in the group matches. The policy aims to prevent same-region pairings, and the top 8 parties will be determined in the group matches.

The International Championship operates in a completely fair, competitive environment, using a dedicated Contest Server that is only accessible via an official account to compete for the ultimate championship glory!

Amazing Rewards

Regional Qualifier Representative: Representatives from the three major Regional Qualifiers will be awarded newly customized in-game rewards, and the winners of each region will receive a physical reward.

International Champion: The champion of this International Championship comes with even bigger rewards. The champion region will receive a region-wide boost for their EXP + Drop Rate Multiplier Celebration Reward, while the champion will take home the first-ever custom ROXIC trophy, custom physical rewards, and a mystery grand prize!

Celebration for Everyone: There’s a Party Celebration event happening alongside the championship! Come and join the fun! Complete the simple daily quests to receive Apex Coins, which can be exchanged for tons of in-game rewards. Whether you’re into character cultivation or costume, we’ve got you covered!

Championship Pre-Registration Website: https://rox.gnjoy.com/ROXICpre

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