How to Resurrect Pal Monster in Palworld

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In the adventurous world of Palworld, your journey is often accompanied by the loyal and brave Pal monsters. These creatures are not just companions; they are integral to your exploration and survival. However, the harsh realities of these adventure can sometimes lead to these valiant beings becoming incapacitated.

When a Pal monster is defeated in the wild, it doesn’t just disappear; it becomes incapacitated. This state is visually indicated by the Pal monster being marked red in your party list, symbolizing its inability to participate further in your adventures. During this period, the Pal monster is essentially ‘out of action’ and requires your attention to be revived and ready for the journey ahead.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps to bring your fallen Pal monster back to action.

Resurrecting Pal Monster

Resurrecting your Pal monster is straightforward but requires you to go back to your homestead. Below are the step-by-step.

  1. Locate Your Base’s Palbox: Your first step is to navigate to your homestead where your Palbox is located. This is the key location for all things related to your Pal monsters’ management.
  2. Deposit the Incapacitated Pal Monster: Once you’re at the Palbox, open it and deposit your incapacitated Pal monster. This can be done simply by dragging and dropping your Pal monster into the Box.
  3. The Waiting Game: After depositing your Pal monster, a resurrection process begins. It typically takes about 10 minutes for your Pal monster to be fully revived. During this time, you can engage in other activities or plan your next adventure.

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